Thanksgiving 2010

This year, we hosted Thanksgiving in our Center Square apartment, and the Kelly's were nice enough to join us!  Here are some of the one million pictures I took that day:

 Alright, so here are the place settings.  Note the super awesome paper plates from Target, and my amazing napkin folding skills!

 We had cheese and crackers, because we're fancy.

 And Matt's dad cooked an awesome turkey, but how GROSS does this look?!

 There was food... too much food.

 And we played with some pigs (worry not folks, I have a LOT more pictures where that came from.  Expect another post about pigs this week!)

And Crystal came over and brough a WHOLE BOX of the most delicious French macaroons ever!  Pumpkin and cranberry!


  1. I *LOVE* that cheese! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  2. PIGS!!! I loved that game! Haven't played in ages. Sounds like a wonderful time (got any macarons left over? I could have one!!).