"My" tree

Let's take a journey back in time.  The time- 1983.  The place- Boyertown, PA.  Two new young parents bring their wonderful first born baby girl home.  They decide to plant a tree, and watch it grow up alongside her.

Those people were my parents, and I am that girl!  It's 27 years later, and on a recent trip back home, this tree was absolutely amazing.  I think it was a great idea for my parents to plant a tree when I was born (it was probably the spring after I was born though, because it's too cold in December to plant a tree!), because it's been a lot of fun watching it grow.  

I have to say, in my 27 years, I've never seen this tree look so pretty.  I'm pretty sure I was lucky enough to be home at the peak of it's foliage this year!  Oh also- it's my birthday today, so I guess that's why I'm bring this up today :)


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Kelly!! Cheers to a great year :)

  2. WHAT?! I wish I knew! I would have brought you a cake! It surely won't be as tasty as your gramps, but I could try! Happy Birthday, my dear, I'm glad you were born.

  3. it's so pretty! just like the girl it was planted for! happy birthday!!

  4. That is such a beautiful story! Happy birthday :)