may i direct your attention...

to the NEW FriendlyBrown blog?!  Do yourself a HUGE favor, and head on over to: http://www.kellykramerphotography.com/blog.  I've decided to move the blog over to my personal website, so you can get to know me better.

My hope is that one day FriendlyBrown will have it's own site, but for now it'll join Kelly Kramer in one big site of awesomeness.

If you're a super friend, you'll join this new blog, because I won't be posting over here anymore and I'm going to miss you!  Things are a little bare over there right now, as I'm doing some housecleaning but I promise I'll do some decorating soon.  Free free to check out my portfolio (which I just have TOO much to add to right now that I'll need another glass of wine just to think about), or drop me a note if you're feeling frisky.  I'm hoping to add even more FriendlyBrown features, like a gallery, but I'm just too swamped right now to make everything neat and tidy.  I probably won't be blogging as much right now, and I get things set up, but just know that I haven't forgotten about you!

I wanted to leave you a teaser photo, but for some reason I can upload pictures to this thing anymore?  Good thing I'm leaving!  Goodbye Blogger- I'm off to knit some gloves now!



See those black things up in the tree? Birds! Freaking birds! On a nighttime snow stroll to the plaza, I came across these guys, and was terrified! They were just sitting there, staring at me. I tried to scare them away, but they stuck around. It was weird. Spring, where are you?


snowed in booze brunch

Since this last storm was so massive, I'm assuming all of you are pretty tired of snow by now, huh? Ugh, me too. I've felt SO unmotivated lately, and it sucks because I'm spending so much time indoors, I could be getting so much done! Good thing I have awesome friends that will make cinnamon rolls and coffee with bailey's on a Sunday afternoon for me!

And to top it all off- we watched Wild Wild West. Job well done, crew. Thanks for making the winter tolerable.


on the needles: super friendly surprise!

I can only show you one, super abstract picture of FriendlyBrown's latest creation, because it's a surprise for one very special lady! As soon as she receives her gloves, I'll be sure to post more pictures, since these are definitely one of my favorite color combinations to date ( inspired by my super talented friend)!

Oh friend, I hope you like them!

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January Laughs on Lark

Last week was another installment of the Laughs on Lark series- the BEST comedy show in the capital district.  Obviously I was there, front row, and equipped with a camera!  It was a great night spent with three of my favorite ladies, and lots of laughs to go around!

 Matt Kelly and Jaye McBride- host and hostess extraordinaires!
 Dan Rossi
 Matt Kelly and Mo Haskins
 Dave Dunn
 Jaye McBride
 Michael Cardone
 Matt Kelly
Tony Jackson


On the needles: oh so friendly...

... And brown, and blue, and warm, and cozy, and beautiful! I've fallen in love with this yarn, and can't wait to finish this pair of gloves. It's going to take everything out of me to NOT wear these. I love the variegated yarn that I've made this pair with, especially the colors. I'll let you know how they end up when they're finished...

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tired of this...

dang cold weather!  aren't you?  I remember when Washington Park looked like this:

now, it looks like this:

 UGH!  Anyway, here are the things I've been daydreaming about.  Hopefully they'll come soon!

flip flops
warm weather music
driving with the windows and sunroof opened
being able to go outside without a jacket
not having to warm up my car
sangria (although i love you hot toddy!)
backyarn bbq's
sleeping with no pants on
not having to pay for heat