holy cow!

it's august people! now is the time to wear all of your cutest sundresses and get into any body of water as much as possible, because you know that cooler weather is right around the corner! for me though,  it's time to get back in gear for knit items. there are TOO many back-to-school advertisements, and they still make me nervous even though i'm not in school.  i guess it's because it's going to be -20 degrees before we know it (sorry upstate new yorkers, you KNOW it's going to happen!) and i know i have LOTS of work to do before the busy holiday season!

yeah, gotta get knitting- pronto.  for now though, it's just TOO hot to have any extra fiber around my sweaty self, but i swear, there will be new knits coming soon!  in the meantime, let's enjoy beautiful summer weather (btw- thank you, Albany for not raining every single day this summer, it meant a lot to me!).

here's beautiful washington park on a wonderful summer afternoon... wish it could stay like this forever!

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