oh just another day at the track...

i'm so excited to have spent the last two weekends at the track.  last year i didn't go at all, and i felt like i was missing out on something.  it was great getting to hang out with friends, drink (too much) some booze, lose a little money, and eat some awesome food.  here's how the day went...

and they're off!

view from our awesome picnic bench- thanks mike for getting me out of bed so early... SO worth it!

ok- there are just TOO many numbers in here for me- i just look at names ;)

muy importante...

too much. (but delicious!)

drink of choice

it was fun taking pictures with you all day, capow!

i like you because you're smart!

too cute.

shake shack baby!  (over priced and small ) the cheese was nice and melty though, and of course i got it with mustard!

mike's snack of choice... aka breakfast

holy crap- black & mild's!

shot of the track...


lucky cigar!


  1. such a great day! you in for travers on the 28th?! ;)

  2. Looks like a fun day at the track!! :)