here comes the sun...

says my alarm clock every morning... (sidenote: i learned how to make my own ringtone on my iphone, and it was the coolest thing ever, because i get to wake up up to the Beatles instead of some lame alarm clock ring)...

anyway... looking through some local artists this week, i targeted any and everything yellow and sunny.  some of these artists you may have seen before, but their work is just so great, and I wanted to showcase them again... enjoy!

Snowdrops by moonandstarsstudio


Organic Flower Seed Beginner's Mix by TheLittleRagamuffin



1/2 yard, Star Paisley in Sand by FabricArtShop



Bike Crank ACEO original by capow


hi, sunshine Greeting Card by featheredneststudio






  1. yay! my bike ACEO! awesome picks, I love all the yellow!

  2. Hehe just as I started to read this "Yellow Ledbetter" came on my iPod

  3. Friendly,
    I just noticed that you included my bridal fascinator hair clip on your blog. That's twice you've included me. Thanks so much.