adventures of a dangerous photographer- part 2

Alright, I'll be honest.  I wasn't as inspired on the way back home from the super bachelorette weekend (probably because I got lost in Baltimore because my stupid GPS failed me and I was hungover), but I stuck with it and completed my series with some cool shots on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I'd like to personally thank the NJTP and the Thruway for NOT having traffic.  You truly made my life a little easier.

That's UD in the distance.  If I weren't just sooo far from home, I would have stopped and gotten a slice at piece of pizza and taken a picture of the yellow house.  Damn you Yuengling, I drank too much of you!

Delaware Memorial Bridge- I forgot how cool this bridge was!

 Jersey!  How pretty you look!

Albany- I'm comin' home!

It DID start raining, but only in spurts.  It was actually kind of cool.

Oh MAN the sky looked so cool with sunshine peaking out between the clouds.  I really should have stopped and took more pics.

Ahhh... home finally!  It seemed so surreal...

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