kids- don't try this at home... (heading south)

I took a roadtrip down to PA/ Maryland this weekend for my best friend's bachelorette weekend.  I left work early on Friday, and while on the thruway,I started to get bored (obviously- I was by myself and started to get bored with my music). What else was I to do, but pull out my phone and start snapping shots?!  Honestly though, I was really inspired by this ride.  I had nothing but my music and my thoughts to keep me company, the weather was amazing, and I was finding beauty on every leg of this trip.  

This is DEFINITELY something I would NOT recommend doing, as it is very dangerous, and probably illegal, but I DID manage to get some great pics! I'm thinking that the good out-weigh the bad in this circumstance, but you can judge yourself...

This was probably taken within the first hour of the trip.  From this point on, I had the camera on my phone constantly on, so that it would be handy whenever I needed it.

 I juuuuuust missed the spot between exit 17 and 18 that me and Matt always try to get pictures of, but I DID get this cool photo of the orchards..


Thank you I-78 for all of your massage trucks that were surrounding me.

But I finally made it to PA!

Painted sky...

I just couldn't get enough of PA farmlands.  Wouldn't want to live on one, but they WERE beautiful, especially with the sun sinking in the sky.

I was actually stuck in traffic for this one.  Cool tree, and just acres and acres of farmland.

I wasn't alone for this one.  I DON'T think Brandi was too thrilled that I was shooting and driving.  Sorry B!
Finally made it to our winery destination (those pictures will have to be for another day)!

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