A Very Kramer Christmas

I live in Albany, NY.  My family lives in Boyertown, PA.  Although we don't have too many crazy traditions for the holidays, Christmas is my favorite time to spend with them.  I has an amazing time this weekend just getting to spend some quality time with them. Thanks guys for being the best family ever.  I miss you already!  Is it Christmas again yet?

 Here's mom's beautiful Christmas tree.  She's spent years getting the perfect ornaments to coordinate with her living room- it's perfect!

 Christmas Eve was spent making cookies with mom and my sister, Caitlin.  Nothing a little NY wine can't help!

This was TOO much fun!  Mom as all of these vintage cookie cutters from my grandmother- super cool!

 Mom's perfect cookie- note the ridges!

 Just fooling around with some booze.

Like I said- TOO much fun.  Very happy I got that new camera for Christmas!

 Caitlin's amazing chewy brownie cookies!

Woke up to ALL these presents- crazy!
All of my presents still come from Santa.  I love my mom's handwriting.

 Christmas morning cocktails with mom.  This has to be my favorite picture of her ever.

 Caitlin just gave Dad a handle of Captain Morgan.  THAT'S why they're smiling!

 Mom really liked the Eagle's pot holders I got her...

 And the locket too!

 Super knit stocking from Aunt Lucille.  You all better watch out- I REALLY want to make these for everyone for Christmas next year!

 The house all lit up on Christmas- very beautiful!

 The roast beast with a little NY wine!

Hope you all had a very happy holiday season as well.  For more pictures, check out my Flickr set!

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  1. Is that Dr. Frank wine? Eclipse is pretty good, too. I've had a bit of that from time to time :-)

    I love your Mom. I love that you have an Aunt named Lucille. I just love your family. Looks like a pretty awesome one, but I wouldn't expect much less - look at you!

    Glad you had a good time, pal.