Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!  I thought it would be fun this Thanksgiving to show you a few pictures from our time last year!

My parents, sister, and her boyfriend made the trek up to Albany for the first annual Kelly/Kramer Thanksgiving extravaganza (LOVE that me and Matt's last names just make up my name!)

The Kramers!

 Thanskgiving breakfast...

 Photo shoot in the park- fancy!

 Here's my beautifully decorated table- thanks Target!

 My mom taught me to fold napkins like that- she's amazing.

 Here's the spread- lots of booze, and lots of food!
Best part- dessert!


  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah, food and family are great and all, but I think I'm more obsessed with the buttons on the sleeves of your sweater. LOVE that detail.

    Thought about you today. I hope you're chowing down on some yummy pie right now.

  2. can't wait to see your pictures from THIS year!