happy birthday FriendlyBrown!

That's right folks- it's FriendlyBrown's first birthday!  A year ago today, I started posting handmade knits on Etsy, and haven't looked back since!

It's been so much fun to spend my spare time doing what I love to do.  I sit, glass of wine in my hand, and create accessories that have traveled around the world. It's amazing, and I love it!

To thank everyone that have supported me over the year, FriendlyBrown's doing a giveaway!  Enter to win your choice of a mug cozy, iPhone cozy, or iPod cozy!

To enter, please post something about FriendlyBrown  on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, make a FriendlyBrown t-shirt, get a FriendlyBrown tattoo on your butt- whatever floats your boat! Then, come back to this very post, and tell us about it!  I'll put everyone who comments on this post in a random number picker (they have those somewhere online, right?) and pick a winner on October 21st (10.21- my lucky numbers!).

Good luck to everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday FriendlyB!! I put your giveaway link on twitter. Your shop looks awesome - lots of great items and your yarn colors are beautiful :) xo