Yay for gifts!

Who doesn't like gifts? Giving them, getting them, pretending to like them or getting something you'll cherish forever- it's all good!

I recently knitted a pair of gloves for a birthday present for someone who found me on Etsy. How freaking cool is it that they chose me, lil old FriendlyBrown, to make something for their friend?! I was honored to make these gloves, and made sure to make them as quick as possible so they would get there for the big day!

Now they're all packaged up and will go out to a lucky lady in Jersey:

I even changed my card for the occasion

Hope you love them! Happy birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, stay tuned for a special announcement on Friday ;)
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  1. I agree...With Etsy being so massively huge, the fact that someone chooses our offerings to purchase is really something special in itself. And then to buy them as a gift for a loved one is even nicer....