most ridiculous breakfast ever....

miss. albany. diner.  say it with me, because those are the words that should come out of your mouth every morning.  i've heard rave reviews about this place, but never thought anything of it when i was walking past it to get to the biergarten.  but, i wanted to take my parents someplace interesting on sunday morning, and that's what we got!

looks harmless huh?  you will never understand how cool this place is until you step inside...

it's like a step back in time... amazeballs (that's for you, ashley)

drinks are called lubrication... and then i fell in love...

even the cream in my coffee looked cool...

but it's the FOOD that is AMAZING!  these are the MAD eggs... and english muffin, scrambled eggs (you can get them however you want), a mild curry sauce with scallions, with a side of homefries.  it is the MOST full i've ever been in my life, and i just couldn't stop eating it!  it was the strangest thing ever, but the flavors just fit so well together.  two freaking thumbs up.  GET THIS and you won't be disappointed!

this was my mom's plate... she went with the eggs and bangers, which i tried and love... i'll probably get these next time...

oh, dad got eggs over easy, homefries, and sausage, but he ate them so quickly, i coudln't get a picture!

this was matt's crazy benny with super cheesy hollandaise sauce... i don't even like bennys and thought this was delicious!

my recommendation is to just go, and get something that sounds ridiculous, because it will be delicious, and you'll be happy you got it!

can't wait to see you there!

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  1. I got a shout out!!! <3
    And, because it's appropriate, Miss Albany IS amazeballs in every way possible. Cecil and I used to go there for Saturday morning hangover breakfasts. I'm kicking myself for not eating there when I was in town. NEXT TIME.