beer in the capital region!

an amazing tasting at a local winery just wasn't enough for the kramer family- we needed more booze!  just 10 minutes away from the Saratoga Winery is the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company. This place is a MUST SEE for any beer lover in the capital region.  there are only two words to describe this place- "free tasting."  that's right folks, for zero dollars you can hang out in a small intimate pub and try amazing beer. for free!  let me show you around:

here she is folks... in the middle of nowhere!

it's tiny and intimate inside... perfect for beer sampling!
hmmm... i don't remember which one this was...

and they had cute chairs...

here's mom's nice nails...

and they had fish!

the people at the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company are super cool and will let you make your own case.  dad had a lot of fun picking out the perfect case... i'm glad he let me share!

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