hats, horses, and hattie's

yesterday was my first day at the track. ever. it was surprisingly exactly what i expected.  we got to sit in a sweet box and bet on ponies based on their names ( i bet on Kaitlyn, my sister's name, but wasn't so lucky). one of us won big :) but we all had a great time....

on the way up i was raving about hattie's, the best fried chicken joint around! i definitely got TOO excited when i realized that they had a booth set up with fried chicken sandwiches. best day ever! thanks to my favorite Green girls for making it an awesome day!

tara really looked the part with her hat and pearls... no wonder she won big!

place your bets ladies and gents!

ok... so here's the most important part (at least to me anyway!) sweet potato fries from hattie's!

and a fried chicken sandwich! heaven on a bun!

 and here they are!  next time you're at the track, you MUST visit them!

all those numbers gave me a headache...

horses... i was more amused with how green the grass was...


i'm heading back next weekend with capow, so expect even more horsie pics next week!

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