Buy Local!

I really enjoyed putting together a by local post last week- so much in fact, that I'm making it a weekly event!  If you live in the Albany area and have an Etsy shot, let me know, and I'll make sure you featured in the coming weeks. 

Check out these amazing shops, from artisans right around the block from me!

Aquamarine Dream by lilywhitepad

Freebird Garden in Grass by FabricArtShop 



 Pack of Garden Variety Cards by PulpArt


 California/ New York City single postcard by kaitlinhoward




Water and Trees Open Original Woodcut Print by kristende




BIT O HONEY Fused Glass Jewelry Tray or Candy Dish by willowglass


  1. Oh, how I wish I could get my craftiness back! Makes me kind of bummed, I can't participate in Tight Knit this summer since my creativity (& money, eep!) ran away...

    Will you be there at all? I told my sister I'm available to help if she needs it so I may be there a few times, even if I'm not selling.

  2. I love the postcard and the wood cut!