Lambs and gloves and scarves- oh my!

This week has been filled with new knitting projects!  It's been great to get back on the needles and knit some new and exciting projects.  First up, a pair of gloves commissioned from a friend for a friend up in Buffalo.  It's probably still cold up there!

Next up is a project I was asked to do awhile ago, but only now have found time to complete it.  This little lamb definitely tested my knitting skills, but I think she came out really cute!

Last up is a skinny scarf that I've been meaning to make awhile, but the weather this week was just calling for it!  I honestly feel naked without a scarf, but it's been a little too warm to wear one of my nice big ones.  This skinny scarf features a 2x2 rib, and it about 6 ft long.  It was a breeze to make too!  I'm definitely going to make more!