Photography has taken over...

As of late, Etsy sales are dwindling, and I've been more occupied with cool photo apps for my phone than FriendlyBrown knits. I'm sure in the coming weeks and months you'll be seeing more photo posts than knitting, but I wanted to dedicate this post to both of my loves. I've been commissioned to make a knitted stuffed lamb as a gift from a colleague of mine. He even supplied the pattern in this amazing book:

It's really great because it has adorable projects with easy to follow instructions, as well as information on how to complete all of the stitches used in the book. Truth be told, this is the first project that I've actually used a pattern this detailed for. There are a lot of stitches that I've only read about before, but I seem to be rockin' out pretty well so far. Wish me luck!

The needles I'm using...

The body and the head on different sets of needles, needing to be stuffed (thanks in advance crystal!)
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  1. Keep the photos coming - can't wait to see your Tulip Festival pics!
    I really enjoy your blog - keep the posts coming!