may i direct your attention...

to the NEW FriendlyBrown blog?!  Do yourself a HUGE favor, and head on over to: http://www.kellykramerphotography.com/blog.  I've decided to move the blog over to my personal website, so you can get to know me better.

My hope is that one day FriendlyBrown will have it's own site, but for now it'll join Kelly Kramer in one big site of awesomeness.

If you're a super friend, you'll join this new blog, because I won't be posting over here anymore and I'm going to miss you!  Things are a little bare over there right now, as I'm doing some housecleaning but I promise I'll do some decorating soon.  Free free to check out my portfolio (which I just have TOO much to add to right now that I'll need another glass of wine just to think about), or drop me a note if you're feeling frisky.  I'm hoping to add even more FriendlyBrown features, like a gallery, but I'm just too swamped right now to make everything neat and tidy.  I probably won't be blogging as much right now, and I get things set up, but just know that I haven't forgotten about you!

I wanted to leave you a teaser photo, but for some reason I can upload pictures to this thing anymore?  Good thing I'm leaving!  Goodbye Blogger- I'm off to knit some gloves now!

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