winter wonder tree

Ok, so I am NOT a fan of winter.  I'll admit it.  Especially after the last two weeks, I am TOTALLY over snow, and wouldn't mind if it didn't snow the rest of the year.  The constant shoveling and scraping and trudging through the snow just doesn't amuse me anymore.  Enough already!

That being said, I was doing some errands after work last night, and saw the prettiest tree.  It was covered with ice, and since it had been flurrying all day the snow just stuck to it like glitter.  Yeah, I get fascinated with trees covered in glitter.  Get over it.

So, I took too many pictures of this tree, and put them together.  Very Warhol-esque.  It's cliche, whatever.


  1. Man, you would have loved the apple orchard this morning. I wish I snapped a picture of it for you. Next time, I promise. I love how you find beauty in things most people overlook.

  2. Totally over winter as well..but this is really pretty!:)

  3. Um, I'm all about glitter trees too. And Warhol. No judgment.

  4. I am TOTALLY over snow too! But that tree is gorgeous.