Kramer cookie weekend- chocolate chip cookies!

Next up on our Kramer cookie weekend- Deanna Fox from Silly Goose Farm!  Deanna is hands-down, one of the most talented ladies I know, and am so glad that I get to work with her on a regular basis!

For my birthday, she brought over some chocolate chip cookies, because she's just THAT CUTE!  They were delicious of course, and came in a cute white bag with a cream ribbon ( I didn't take a picture of that because I basically destroyed it trying to get to the cookies!).  I took those babies home and (before I gobbled them all down) got them all set up for a photo shoot.  Hope she likes thesse ;)


  1. GASP! KELLY! I love these!! (Not as much as I love you, though, but close!!) You are so talented. Thank you for this wonderful mention. Maybe someday I'll share the recipe ;-) Last night was a blast, let's do it again soon!

  2. Beautiful! I love the ones in the sun. Makes me want to gobble them up before the sun melts those chocolate chips! Mmmmm