December Laughs on Lark

I was SO excited for this months LOL.  If you haven't heard me talk about this event before, it's a comedy show that Matt Kelly and Jaye McBride have been putting on for the past couple of months.  Each month features new comedians.  It's held at Elda's on Lark Street at 9pm on the second Wednesday of each month (usually!).  This one was super duper for me because: it was probably the best line up yet, I had a new camera to shoot it with, and we had the sign printed that I created, just for the event!

I was really pleased that my camera was able to capture some cool moments during the night, despite how dark it was in there!

 Here's that sign that I made!  You can't really tell from the picture, but the bird (lark) on the branch is laughing!

 The hilarious Jaye McBride whose birthday it was this past weekend.  Happy Birthday Jaye!

 Best comedian in the capital region Greg Aidala

 Matt Kelly!
 SUPER funny chick- Mary Briwa!
 I missed some of Vernon Payne's set meeting a friend outside, but from what I caught- it was hilarious!

I had never seen Michael Raive before, but he was great!

I really urge you guys to come out to the next one.  It's a great time at a really nice bar!  Laughs can really warm you up in the winter, you know!

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  1. OMG - Mary Briwa, I totally know her. She was a year or two under me at St. Rose. Small-bany, for sure. Looks like a great time, Dave and I will try to make it out in January!