Breakfast in Boyertown

After a ginormous "Thanksgiving" dinner with my family, the last thing I wanted to do was eat, but we decided to go out to breakfast the next morning. I STILL wasn't hungry, but agreed to go. We decided on the Jukebox Cafe, which is a 50's themed restaurant that I waitressed at over summer vacations from college.

It definitely brought back some weird memories, and I'm actually pretty glad nobody there recognized me (even though I DID wear my sunglasses throughout breakfast, like a weirdo to make sure that didn't happen). I took some pictures of the meal, since they do an awesome job with the food there.

Oh I remember wiping down those tables...

Fruit with whipped cream- yum!

Had to get a grilled pumpkin muffin!

Dad got a super egg wrap!

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  1. i do the same thing kell... they have some good food but every time we would go i would put my head down.. don't want the word to get out i am there.. lol i always see some one there though!- B