the best and the worst thing about last week...

Last week one of my favorite bands, moe. was playing at the Armory, which is just a few short blocks from our apartment.  That's the best part.  The worst part? Being really too sick to go, but going anyway, and paying the price a week later.

I was so high on cold meds that I don't remember too much from the show, but I did manage to get a few shots of the happenings in the Armory that night.  During the second set they brought out some aliens, and they danced on stage.  It was a pretty awesome night (from what I remember!).  Take it from me kids- even if you're sick, go and have fun, because you only live once!

 look at those awesome lights!  I was really diggin' them.

 oh al.
 Hey!  Cheers!  We're having an awesome time!

 I really had fun looking at this.

 Someone in the front had an awesome glow in the dark spinny thing.  It was cool.

 Dancing aliens!

Attack of the aliens!

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