home sweet home...

I currently live in Albany, NY but I'm originally from a small town in Pennsylvania called Boyertown. I don't get to make it home too often, but I was fortunate enough to make a visit last weekend. I've really been missing home lately, and was feeling super nostalgic. I grabbed my phone and used my super hipstamatic app to create some vintage images of where I grew up.

This is the front of our cute home

I still remember when this porch didn't exist... I was really tiny when they built it.

My mom still dries the laundry on a clothesline in the back yard...

Grill and shed... That red tree was planted right after I was born!

My parents still have a rotary phone!


Toilet... Hehe

Meet Lulu, my parents guinea pig...
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  1. Yay, isn't it so nice to come home sometimes!? Even though I'm a "big girl" now, it's still nice to go home once in a while and let my mom make me breakfast and sleep in the same room I did growing up. Glad you had a good time and glad you made it back safely!

    Thanks for following me, too!