best day ever...

turned into tragedy when i discovered that i lost one of the memory cards for my camera.  i spent a beautiful afternoon in central park a week ago.  i shot exactly one million pictures of fall leaves and was super excited by what i captured.  i can't even describe how amazing that day was.  now, it's all in my memory, and you'll never get to see it!

moving on, i also had an amazing time on the highline which actually starts right across the street from where i used to work! here are some of the amazing things i saw there.  for more photos, see my flickr set.


  1. I am in LOVE with the highline. Last time I was there I bumped into a little wood mouse who just sat and chilled while I watched him. It's such a great place.

  2. Kelly - there are 2 bldgs in downtown schenectady that have some REALLY old advertising painted on them. The buildings are brick, and have the most interesting super faded white painted Coca-Cola ads on them. You have gotta check it out.