wish tree...

A week ago would have been John Lennon's 70th (!) birthday.  As a huge admirer and fan of his, it was a pretty reflective day for me.  I often wonder how the world would be different if he were still alive.  I really wanted to make it to Strawberry Fields that day, but was unable to make it.  I was  pleasantly surprised to see one of Yoko Ono's wish trees at MOMA the next day though.  At least I got a little bit of John during the weekend.

On these trees, guests are asked to write down their own wishes, and attach them to the branches of the tree.  It's a sight in itself, all of these beautiful white tags, each holding the wish from people all around the world.  I immediately grabbed my camera upon first glace, and had a field day.  It was super crowded, but I got a few good shots!

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  1. Beautiful shots.
    I just googled 'wish tree' and was happy to arrive here :)

    thanks for sharing this

    best wishes