the perfect combination...

I'm really excited about an order I got last week for THREE pairs of gloves!  FriendlyBrown has been open a full year, but it still floors me every time someone orders a pair of gloves.  So, thank you Rebecca from Saint Paul- you totally have made my week!  :)

So, about that perfect combination.  One of the pairs that Rebecca requested was my grey and burgundy gloves, which coincidentally perfected matched my glass of red wine.  Yes, booze and knitting DO go well together.  Here's a sneak peak at these gloves in progress, so picture perfect!


  1. Love this color combo and love the look of your site. Since I reaad you in google reader I hadn't noticed your new (? although not sure how new?) look.

  2. So wine is the secret - thanks! Off to knit socks and drink some wine (not necessarily in that order . . .)