a little shop website called Etsy...

i'm sitting here eating my morning oatmeal (today it's with strawberries and pecans- yum!) and thinking about how absolutely cool it is that there's a web site like Etsy.  I love how if I need/ want something, a million amazing products made by real people (like me!) are just a click of a mouse away.

take for instance the pair of earrings i just bought: 

aren't they cute?  i thought so! see, I needed a new pair of earrings, and instead of driving to the mall (my most hated place on earth) i grabbed my phone, got on etsy, and found these darling earrings, all while watching Mad Men! I just really do think it's amazing that there are so many talented people who are sellers, and I get the chance to purchase their products, no matter where they're located.  i definitely advise you to use Etsy the next time you need an awesome gift, or just need a little something for yourself.  you won't be disappointed!

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  1. i totally agree with you...I have a warning tho...it's very addictive!!!