a black and white account of awesomeness...

Alright, so I'm nowhere close to organizing all the pictures I took this past weekend at moe.down, probably because I haven't turned on my computer in almost a week, but I wanted to show you some of what went down. In looking through my phone, I took a bunch of black and whites that I really like, so I'll show you them...

In the parking lot, as soon as we got there (This was after getting lost in some back woods on a mountain. I've never been so happy to see other people, and down a lager!)

Skyline during on of the many times that it looked like it would rain during the weekend...

Grillin' and chillin'... This bad boy made some mean grilled cheese with bacon a and pulled pork sandwiches..,

We're psyched, trust me... The dude!

I wore these bad boys a lot!

And here's a shot of the boys- you rock moe!

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