ahhh... accomplishments :)

as you may have read about in some earlier posts, my boyfriend matt is an aspiring comedian, and he's really been doing well both in the local scene and down in the city.  as with any aspiring anybody, a web site is needed.  that's where i come in!  there are few things that i'm an expert on, but i'll take a stab at anything, so i told him i'd do it.  the problem- he needed something in ONE day! whew- wtf mate?  anyway, after some creativity and little struggle, i came up with this, and actually got it done.  what do you think?

shameless plug: he'll be performing at Elda's on Lark Street tomorrow night at 9pm.  he actually helped organize the event, so you know it'll be good!

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  1. Wow - What a cool website and logo! Matt is a lucky guy to have such a talented lady :)