shop local- the personal addition

There are a few lovely crafters in the Albany area that I actually know!  It's amazing to be friends with awesome artists, and I thought I'd share some of their amazing work with you today.  Thanks for being awesome ladies!

This print is my new favorite obsession from my bestie- CAPow.  Go check her out and be amazed!

rainbowwrangler's journal are whimsical and well-made.  I was fortunate to receive a turtle one for my birthday!

The amazing Amanda also goes by the name strangersclothing, and she sells really pretty vintage items.  Go check em out!

This item comes from my favorite fellow knitter, and my best friend's sister: rachelod. It was even named after my bestie, Laura.  Love you Reilly girls!

Keep rockin' ladies- we're all going to be famous someday!

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