Warrior weekend...

Right before my sister was born (I was 5) I spent a lot of time looking through baby books. I found out two very important things: a) Kelly is traditionally a boy's name and b) Kelly means "warrior woman."

I'll spare you the details on how these two pieces of information shaped me emotionally through the years. Instead, here's a pictoral look on how a warrior woman spends her weekend:

I got LOTS of knitting done... Getting ready for Art on Lark!

Headlights in rearview- dangerous night photography

Espresso martini after working my first Saturday night in 8 years... Weird times...

And I deserved another!

Peanut butter pancakes at Ramona's Cafe on Lark. Check this place out- super cool atmosphere!

While enjoying my pancakes and the awesome psychadelic atmosphere, we got to catch the gay pride parade! It was awesome to see so many people celebrating gay rights. LOVE living in a blue state!

Even the wine shop on State was celebrating gay pride!

Relaxing after a long weekend with some Cupcake Cabernet. Perfect end to a great weekend!

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