seen in albany...

It's noon, exactly.  I've been sitting here for awhile trying to decide what to blog about today.  I've started some new iPhone cozy designs for Art on Lark, but they're not finished, so you probably wouldn't be interested in seeing them.  It's raining out, and I'm nowhere near motivated to go outside and find something cool to shoot to post here.  None of the photos on my phone are interesting to me right now (although I have recently fallen in love with super desaturated photography and will probably be blogging about that soon). So I went looking through the millions of pictures on my computer, and I came across some pictures that I wanted to share awhile ago:

These photos were both taken in Center Square, months apart.  CAPow told me that she's seen a few around as well, and I just think they're amazing.  One minute you're just walking down the street, going about your business, the next you're reminded that there ARE beautiful things in this world.  Looking at these pictures (especially the first one with the cherry blossoms and twig placed so perfectly in line with the star- who did that?) gives me some sense that something bigger is going on out there.  I have no idea how these drawings came to be, or who did them, but I think they're amazing, and hope to see more soon!  If you're in the Albany area and you have any idea where these come from, please, let me know.

If you come across one of these drawings, I would LOVE for you to send me a picture of it!  Let's get a hope movement going folks!

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