the joy of not showering for three days...

or adventures in camping. i'll be high on a mountain this weekend, getting dirty while roughin' it, but i thought i'd leave you with some awesome items that i recently found on etsy.  could be useful for camping in the great outdoors or right in your backyard!

3 thermos by vintagebycassandra

 Drink Stake blue by scheildesign

 Campfire Pie Maker by lisabretrostyle2

 Customer Summer Bunting by jessicadelrio

 Camping Necklace by betsyfarmerdesigns


  1. Thanks so much for including our handmade picnic blanket on your blog. What a great, summery post.

  2. Thank you for featuring my drink stake in your blog. Enjoy your camping trip!

  3. Ditto from me Thanks so much this is just what I was thinking when I posted the Thermos. You said it well with your coupling of the other items. Have a great camp out, it was fun when I did it years ago and these Thermos got a work out.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my camping necklace! I'm on a week long camping trip right now and can't wait to get back and post more things on Etsy. (I know, it's cheating if your husband has an iphone and you can check your email while camping!)