green obsession...

the other day while grocery shopping, i was behind this woman in line that had the CUTEST reusable grocery bags.  i've yet to jump on the green bag bandwagon, but i've since become obsessed with finding an equally adorable bad to put my weekly salad artillery in.  of course i sped home and rummaged through etsy to see what i could find.  which one would you buy?

Two Trees Reusable Shopping Bag by RACHELelise


Recycle Large Reusable Cloth Grocery Bag by imearthfriendly


Printed Grocery Tote Bag by RubyRedBird


Go Green Reusable Tote Bag by teedle


Eco-Friendly Grocery Tote by RosieMaye


Grocery Bags (set of 2) Reversible/Reusable by CraftyLaine


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  1. I think the fold up ones, like the last one, are great because you can keep them in your purse and always have one handy (I have a TON of reusable grocery bags, but forget to bring them with me half the time). Although I like sturdy ones with some structure that hold their shape because you can really stuff a LOT into them. The ones I got from Wegman's are my fave.