5 things i love about the wine bar...

Maybe I just wanted to get drunk off wine, maybe I just needed some jamacian jerk ribs, or maybe I just wanted to blog about it.... Whatever it was, we went to the wine bar on lark street this past weekend, and it didn't disappoint! I love the wine bar because:

1. It's within walking distance
2. They have exactly one million delicious wines
3. It's a great place to chill and have converstion with friends
4. Ribs!
5. Awesome and intimate back deck

It's super dark so the pictures aren't great, but of course I whipped the iPhone out...

Delicious and refreshing wine

Bread a olive oil for dipping

Yummy dips...

Our meal...

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  1. their back deck is awesome. but I didn't know about RIBS! mmmmmmm....ribs!