Ahhh.... The Biergarten

Honestly, the Biergarten is one of those places that I always bring family and friends that are visiting, and we ALWAYS manage to have a great time. After a long day of drinking, there's no better way to end your day than hanging out at the Biergarten. We had some yummy food, got rained out, went inside drank a bunch of German beers and played some darts. Seriously guys, go there- it's usually pretty chill (go there during an off time- you'll have a better time) and there's free peanuts!

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  1. My boyfriend LOVES the Biergarten... But I still have not been there! One of these days I'll get around to checking it out :)

  2. Oh you need to go! It's a ball there!

  3. That is what I've heard. & hey, who doesn't enjoy a good beer?!