Easter brunch

I'm not a religious person in the least, so Easter isn't a big deal to me, but I wanted to do something special on this beautiful Sunday. We decided to head over to Iron Gate over on Washington Ave for some brunch, and it was delicious! I had only ever been there for sandwiches, but their brunch was just as amazing- I'll definitely make a trip back sometime soon.

Yes! A beautiful day, and some pretty christmas lights!

2 cups of coffee please!

Nothing says Sunday brunch like a mimosa. Only problem- I wish it was larger!

I opted for a healthy breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and granola- yum!

Matt had an amazing omlet with the best homefries I've ever had. They tasted just like French fries that you get at the fair.

Aaaand here I am sporting a FriendlyBrown original striped summer scarf.

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  1. yay summer scarf!
    yet another place mike & i will have to put on our local brunch list!