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I was going through my sketchbook last night and found this picture of me from when I was about 4 or 5...

Not quite sure what it really has to do with anything, but I think it's a pretty funny picture...

1. First off- the outfit! Check out those awesome blue velvet pants!
2. Gotta love the green shag carpet... Thankfully my parents have since gotten rid of it
3. You can't be a child of the 80's without a cabbage patch doll... It's almost as big as I am in that picture!
4. When I was little I just loved that wallpaper... I thought it was so pretty and girly
5. I had this awesome little kitchen set which is on the left side of the picture... It was my favorite thing in my room!
6. I'm sitting on the tiniest little rocker. I was covered in this cool retro corduroy... I wish I still had it!
7. There's also this baby card table pictured. Looking back it was super cool, but one day i decided to take a blue crayon and draw all over it. Mybe that's when my creative juices started flowing!

Alright... Enough nostalgia for now... Back to knitting!

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