exciting times for FriendlyBrown

Well, I guess as exciting as it gets for a knitter. While at the craft store today picking out buttons for my new iPhone cozies, I took a look at the yarn for some inspiration. I was excited to see my favorite Vannas Choice ( yup, THAT Vanna) in some new earthy colors! Lots of brown and tan with speckles of contrasting colors. Definitely look for some new knitted accessories with the oatmeal or barley colors.

On the downside, when I came home to sew those buttons on, I couldn't find my tapestry needle. When I finally did find it, I managed to break it while sewing on the first button! Ugh, I guess you win some, and you lose some.

Here are some pictures of the new buttons I purchased...

bought this one just for me... couldn't resist!

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