I had a wonderful brunch today with my cousin and her husband at Cafe Madison. He got a job up here, and they're in the process of looking at houses. They should be moved in by June! It's going to be great having some family in the area- can't wait!

They probably thought I was a weirdo (most people do!) but I just had to photograph what I had to eat- it was too pretty and delicious!

I just had to start with a mimosa- booze with breakfast is the best!

I got the apple cinnamon pancakes, and they were awesome! Whenever people come to visit, I like to take them to Cafe Madison because they have a great brunch, and I'm never up early enough for breakfast!

PS. Their granola rocks too!

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  1. hehe, I always feel like people must think I'm a weirdo if I take pics at a restaurant...but I don't care. that brunch looks amazing! I've never been to cafe madison, maybe some weekend we can go with the boys!

  2. yummy but...i tagged you, check out my recent post and see what you have to do!