new this week...

lots have been going on at friendlybrown this week!

i've FINALLY developed the pattern for these baby mits... really hope Maya loves them!

two loves: macro photography and yarn! what could be better?

i just loved the way these looked in black and white.... such cool yarn!

i'm about 3/4 of the way through my 365 project. check out kellykramerphotography to see my progress so far!

i made awesome lasagna on saturday and made enough that i've been enjoying it all week...

well that's all for this week folks. i got a few orders in for fingerless gloves this week, so i'm sure i'll have lots to report on next time!

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  1. I got a new macro lense for christmas and love playing with it. the details are amazing. I'm jealous of your lasagna, too! What is better than leftover lasagna! Not much!