friendlybrown packaging...

i mailed out some orders today, and i thought you might be interested in how i package my knitted items...

with every pair that i send out, i see it more like sending a present than shipping an order. one of the most important parts of my packaging is a hand-written note i send with each and every order. it's important to me to let the buyer know how excited i am to be selling on etsy. i make sure to pick out tissue paper that matches the knitted item. it's never super long, just a little note telling them something about the hand warmers and sending well wishes. the number 1 comment i get from buyers is that they appreciated the little note i sent with order.

my favorite part of shipping is picking out matching tissue paper to wrap the order with. a little color goes a long way, especially when a lot of my world is surrounded around brown! i have a variety pack of cool tissues papers that i wrap each order with. i tie it all up with a piece of simple hemp, and it's ready to go to its destination. i've sold orders all around the world, but the excitement of sending out something that i've put a lot of time and thought into never dies.

here's some pics i took of the orders from last night...

here's one of the pairs that have recently gone out... i hope they like them!

thank you note with blue tissue paper...

i send all my hand warmers in a brown padded mailer, with a little thank you on the back!


  1. that's some nice packaging! you really go all out! maybe I should start packing my orders that nicely...

  2. ps- I gave you a blog award

  3. Sounds great Kelly! I bet those packages look great :) And I can't wait to see your new handwarmers!!